The Plumbers and Steamfitters of Albany, organized as UA Local 7, are extremely proud to be a productive member of the Capital District business community. Since our inception, we've taken an active role and will continue to play an ever bigger role as Albany continues to thrive as our capital of our great state of New York! We do it right the first time, so when Tech Valley hits the Capital Region to build new or expand existing facilities, they can count on the members of Local 7. The complicated gas installations are vital pieces to tool hook-ups at these plants. Along with equally important commodities such as steam systems, potable water systems, and comfort piping systems. These systems are necessary to support the facilities. Please register on this site and learn more about us!.

Local Jobs for Local People New York State!



Local 7 Plumbers and Steamfitters Organizer Tim Carter and Business Agent Frank Natalie talk about the importance of local jobs for local people.

Adjusted Wage Rates Posted for Contractors

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