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Welcome to Local 7


Welcome to Local 7. We would like to acquaint non-signatory contractors to the advantages of becoming signatory with Local 7 and to dispel some of the misconceptions about what happens once you become signatory. The notion that organized labor is no longer needed and a thing of the past is simply not true. In fact, with the "Baby-Boomer" generation fast approaching retirement age, the need for highly skilled Pipe Trade and Service Technicians has never been greater. Local 7 would not have continued to exist for over 125 years if we weren't providing viable services. So why should YOU consider becoming a signatory contractor?




1. Training


Local 7 is committed to putting the most highly trained people in the field. Local 7 Apprentice Training Program is registered with the New York State Department of Labor. All apprentices go through a comprehensive 5-year training program that consists of on the job training as well as classroom and shop training classes including Rigging, Medical Gas Installer/Brazer, Osha 30, and other industry-related subjects.




2. Wages and Benefits

Our agreements are negotiated between the Mechanical Contractors Association and a committee of Local 7 members elected by their peers. Negotiations provide continual renewal to the commitment by management and labor to provide the best product at a reasonable cost. If the signatory contractor cannot compete, we as a union cannot survive. By being fair, the wage and benefit structure not only takes into consideration what it takes to compete but also what it takes to assure a stable workforce. We are a partnership. Our Health and Benefits plan, for example, is self-insured and provides excellent coverage at a very reasonable cost. 




3. Manpower Pool


Probably one of our strongest selling points is our member pool. Contractors who sign with Local 7 express that getting the right manpower at the right time is a big problem. Often, the difference between making a profit and suffering a loss is having the manpower to get the job done. Newspaper ads attract, at best, semi-skilled workers who tell you in the office they can do it all, but in the field, more often than not, prove otherwise. What about going through employment agencies? Did you know that if you hire someone through one of these trade agencies and that worker gets hurt, your worker's compensation insurance doesn't cover them and, therefore, leaves you open for a third-party lawsuit? Pipe Trades work requires a level of expertise that employment agencies cannot provide.

 Manpower should be a business decision, your decision should be based on value and getting the best employees for dollars spent, much the same way you decide on which supply house to use. Local 7 simply supplies the best for the money. Local 7 can provide the vehicle for you to run and grow your business. Whether you need manpower for one day or one year, we have the trained personnel to respond. 




So where do you go from here?

While a web page can help get some points across, the reality is that most Plumbing and HVAC contractors have specific concerns and needs. The only way to address these issues is on an individual basis, one-on-one. Local 7 has a no-commitment; no obligation policy that allows a contractor to hear firsthand what Local 7 has to offer. Then, and only then, can you make the decision if Local 7 is right for your company. There is no contractor considered too large or too small. We have shops ranging from one man to 100+ men working under our various agreements. The first step, however, is yours. Why not find out what the Local 7 can do for you and your business?


To learn more about what Local 7 can offer you, please contact Tom Carrrigan: