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Apprenticeship Applications are OPEN!


As of January 01, 2022, applications are open online. 

We will also be accepting applications in person the first Thursday of every month beginning in February until July 07, 2022.

All candidates must take an aptitude test given at Local 7's Training Center; these tests will be administered the on the first Thursday of every month beginning in February in conjunction with the in person applications.

Please contact Local 7's training department for information regarding apprenticeship: training@ualocal7.org.




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The UA offers a comprehensive training program for all members. The Apprenticeship program runs for five-years with a graduated pay scale. Apprentices are trained weeknights while working, so you learn while you earn!
On the job training with the best hands in the business means that at the end of your five years as an apprentice you will be a master craftsman/woman in the plumbing and steamfitting business.
UA Local #7 members are found on all commercial projects including school construction jobs, powerhouses, chip-fab plants, hospitals and military installations.
Union benefits go beyond our excellent healthcare coverage and wages. As a union member your wages and benefits are guaranteed through the collective bargaining process.
Many people don’t know that if you work without a contract in ANY INDUSTRY, your employer can change your job description at will. They can even change your salary or decide that you are not eligible for overtime pay.
As a union member, your contract spells out your working conditions, which go far beyond your wages. Health and safety issues are clearly addressed in the contract, and you are provided with representation in the case that your rights are violated by an employer.



A High School transcript or GED with official test results are required. You must be at least 18 to apply. Local 7 provides a drug-free work environment, all apprentices are required to submit to drug-testing.
The UA Local #7 Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee is an equal opportunity program. All interested parties are encouraged to apply. Please be advised you must live within Local 7’s jurisdiction to apply.

Again, beginning February 2022, you may apply in person the first Thursday of every month from 9am-4pm OR APPLY ONLINE TODAY! (click the link below).